Technical Tuesday :: Choosing Your Wedding Website ( Savannah Wedding Planner )

Good afternoon, loves!
Today I am tackling a particularly overwhelming yet ultimately life-saving aspect of wedding planning: the wedding website. These beauts can handle some of the most frustrating aspects of planning, including RSVP management and information dissemination to guests. Rather than attempting to squeeze details onto a tiny Save-the-Date postcard or adding pages to your already-elaborate wedding invitation suite, you can set up a wedding website {with a custom domain name, of course} and type away to your heart’s content.
All of the below examples are alike in their inclusion of said custom domain name, unique mobile/tablet/desktop formatting {a lifesaver for procrastinating guests who don’t check wedding event details until an hour before they are supposed to show up and so naturally need your site to show up properly on their iPhone!} and fantastic 24/7 customer service.  The only true differences lie in cost and available designs {for example, Squarespace’s format does not include an RSVP tracker}.
1 :: Riley & Grey : $35/month or $240/year; high-end, modern design layouts – think black & white  Kate Spade mixed with Chanel.

riley and grey

2 :: Squarespace : {14-day free trial}; packages range from $8-30/month; simple, clean design – think the Gap with a touch of lululemon.



3 :: Sitting in a Tree : {10-day free trial}; $25/month or $125/year; modern, preppy designs  – think J. Crew mixed with a touch of Lilly.

sitting in a tree

My best advice would be to test out the two that offer free trials, see which has features you really love with a design that speaks to you, and choose whichever is the best fit. If you are in love with the Riley & Grey website designs and absolutely must have it for your wedding website, go with it!
Have a fabulous day, y’all!
xx, Jennifer