Social Saturday :: Ghost RSVPs ( Savannah Wedding Planner )

Good morning, y’all! {via Ruffled} Today’s question {paraphrased below} comes to us from the lovely Lynn of Lillian’s China: “What happens when a guest RSVPs but doesn’t include his/her name on the RSVP?” Fantastic question, Lynn! We recommend trying the following solutions: 1. Try putting small numbers on the corner of each RSVP card that correspond … Read more

Social Saturday :: Sticky RSVP Situations ( Savannah Wedding Planner )

Happy Saturday morning! Before you head off to a leisurely brunch, let’s talk about what these days has become an all-too-often-sticky sitch: wedding guests who, for some reason or another, do not RSVP. Mere decades ago, a failure to RSVP to a major social event like a wedding was rare. Today’s bride, on the other hand, … Read more