Social + Corporate Events

We love all types of celebrations! Galas, dinner parties, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events.

Our social and corporate event planning services are perfect for the host looking to create a memorable event while simultaneously enjoying the event planning process. From design to execution, we will customize the perfect plan to assist with your specific needs.

corporate event planning

Workshops + Retreats

Creating events that inspire and delight attendees is the soul behind our workshop and retreat planning services. We take a well-researched, immersive approach to ensure guests are learning and growing throughout their time at the event, generating memories that will last for years to come. Our workshop and corporate retreat planning includes but is not limited to: venue + vendor sourcing and management, event sponsor sourcing + engagement, guest accommodations sourcing and itinerary planning + management.

Each year we accommodate a limited number of events to allow us to give the most personalized customer service and attention to detail. Contact us to schedule a one hour complimentary consultation!