Social Saturday :: Ghost RSVPs ( Savannah Wedding Planner )

Good morning, y’all!
{via Ruffled}
{via Ruffled}
Today’s question {paraphrased below} comes to us from the lovely Lynn of Lillian’s China:
“What happens when a guest RSVPs but doesn’t include his/her name on the RSVP?”
Fantastic question, Lynn! We recommend trying the following solutions: 1. Try putting small numbers on the corner of each RSVP card that correspond to each of your guests. If someone neglects to put their name on the RSVP, you can look them up by their assigned number to easily determine from whence it came. 2. Use invisible ink to write the name of each guest on the correspondence card. If it comes back without a name written in actual ink, you’ll quickly solve the puzzle. 3. If you have already sent all of your correspondence out and this happens to you, don’t fret! Get your Sherlock on and examine the postmark on the envelope to narrow down who may have sent it. If all of your family lives in the same city, this obviously won’t help you much, but it’s worth a try. Now it’s your turn: what question do you have about wedding planning & coordination? Let us know on our facebook, instagram or in the comments here.
Have an amazing weekend!!
Cheers, Jennifer