Wedding Planning | Six Details for Elevating The Grooms Outfit

Navy blue groom's wedding day outfit

From tuxedos to bowties, the options for elevating the groom's outfit are endless. Mix and match wedding day accessories and customized details for a bespoke wedding day look for the groom. In our 12 + years of wedding planning, we have seen everything from traditional and classic outfits to fashion-forward and eclectic ones. Below we share a round-up of some of our favorite ways to elevate and enhance the groom's wedding day outfit because who doesn't love a well-dressed man?


Grooms Wedding Day Outfit Options

There are many ways to make the groom feel unique with his wedding day outfit. We recommend considering the following factors when planning your groom's outfit, such as the type of wedding you are having, the location, and the level of formality. For example, a formal tuxedo would be very fitting if you are having a ballroom city wedding. Comparably if you are having a beach wedding, a linen suit may be the best option to keep the groom cool in the hot weather. There is truly no wrong option when it comes to the groom's wedding day outfit. It ultimately comes down to style and preference. After all, it is the groom's decision as to what he wears on his wedding day.


6 Ways to Elevate The Grooms Outfit 

1. Custom Suit Jacket + Liner 

One of our favorite ways to enhance any groom's outfit is with a custom suit jacket or custom suit lining. The customization options for suit liners are endless, from photos of you and your fiancé to unique designs. Custom liners are a great way to match the groom with the groomsmen's outfits while enhancing the groom's look. Alternatively, you can work with your local tailor to create a bespoke suit that is unique for you. Some fun enhancements we've seen include velvet lapels, enhanced buttons and fastenings, and hand-selected fabrics.

custom grooms suit liner with skulls
Photography// Cait Carr Photography

2. Cufflinks + Tie or Bowtie

When it comes to elevating the groom's outfit, accessories such as cufflinks, ties, and bowties are an easy and cost-effective way to customize the outfit. You can pair the groom's tie or bowtie with the wedding party colors or pick a unique pattern to help the groom stand out. Add in some sentimental cufflinks or gift the groom some personalized cufflinks, and you've got a stylish wedding day outfit.

bowtie and cufflinks

3. Embroider

Another favorite detail for a bespoke groom's outfit is adding personalized embroidery. Consider adding your wedding date to the inside pocket of the groom's jacket or monogramming the cuffs of the groom's dress shirt, or suspenders.

embroidery suspenders

4. Watch

Unlike women, men customarily wear little jewelry. So, why not elevate the very few items they wear by gifting your groom that luxury watch he's had his eye on?

Watches are not only a great accessory for grooms because of their aesthetic, but they also help ensure the groom stays on time on the wedding day.

Groom's outfit with watch
Photography // Brooke Roberts Photography

5. Pocket Square

The pocket square is a detail of the groom's wedding day outfit that can often be overshadowed by other accessories. Pocket squares add an extra special touch to the groom's outfit and can be customized in many ways. This accessory is an easy and subtle way to coordinate the groom's outfit with the bride's dress or wedding color palette. Add in a fun pocket square fold to truly take this accessory to the next level.

Groom's outfit with black pocekt square

6. Tie Clip

Another accessory that will help take the groom's wedding day outfit up a notch is the tie clip or tie bar. Tie clips are a great way for the groom to incorporate some personality into their outfit without standing out too much. Alternatively, a personalized tie clip makes an excellent gift for the groom on the wedding day. The tie clip is a classic accessory that instantly enhances the groom's outfit and should not be forgotten.

Navy blue and pink grooms outfit


On the wedding day, you want the groom to feel as handsome as the bride feels beautiful. So, why not elevate his wedding day outfit with unique and customized accessories? For more groom outfit ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out some of our recent groom's wedding day outfits in our portfolio!



Planning & Design// Design Studio South
Photography// Cait Carr Photography
Photography// Brook Roberts Photography