Behind the Scenes | A Wedding Day Set-Up

Outdoor wedding ceremony set up with benches and tall grass decor

It may surprise you that the life of a wedding planner is not all that Jennifer Lopez makes up to be from the movie The Wedding Planner. There is more to a wedding planner's job than all the glam on the wedding day. There are hundreds of hours leading up to the day filled with meetings, consultations, emails, and mock designs. Once the wedding day arrives, your wedding planner is there for 100% of the day to ensure every detail goes off without a hitch! That is why we want to share a realistic perspective behind the scenes as a wedding planner on a wedding day. 


Wedding Day Set Up

While the bride & groom get pampered and ready for their special day, the Design Studio South team is hard at work executing the final setup for the wedding day. We are there, from setting up rentals (ceremony chairs, tables, etc.) to adding in all the design elements (florals, linens, candles, etc.) and styling every detail. Our team is hands-on, moving chairs, hanging decor, and putting the final pieces together. We also arrange the table settings, manage all vendors on site for the day, and ensure the timeline is executed flawlessly so nothing is missed. 


Ceremony & Reception

As we approach the ceremony start time, our team of planners gets the guests seated and lines up the wedding party. Once the ceremony is ready to begin, we then queue the musicians and the wedding party for the processional.

After the ceremony, we guide guests through the rest of the space, from cocktail hour to the reception and even the after-party if you are having one. We move any details being re-purposed into the reception space so that it is ready for your grand reveal. We manage the catering & bar staff and ensure the timeline runs smoothly by queuing the band or DJ for the dances, toasts & cake-cutting before everyone dances the night away. 

It is sometimes assumed that the wedding planner leaves when the couple leaves. However, we are often the first on-site and the last to leave. We don't finish once the newlyweds have their grand exit; we stick around to make sure everything is cleaned up, from the linens and design elements to the last rental items being picked up by the vendors.

Life Of A Wedding Planner

As glamorous as the life of a wedding planner may seem, it is not all roses and sunny skies. There are days when we have to move the entire ceremony set up due to inclement weather and days when everything goes as initially planned. No matter what happens, the Design Studio South team is there with you every step of the way. From the beginning of the planning process until the absolute end of your wedding day. We ensure every detail is executed flawlessly and you and your spouse have a memorable and stress-free wedding day. If you are looking for a wedding planner who will go above and beyond to execute your dream wedding, we'd love to meet with you! 


Wedding planner setting up a carpet at an outdoor wedding ceremony
Outdoor wedding ceremony set up with benches and tall grass decor
Wedding lounge with blue couch and disco ball decor

Photographer | Dana Cubbage