Real Event | Engage Summit New Orleans Recap

Engage Summit Welcome Session

This past June, our fabulous leaders, Danielle and Andrea, had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the Engage Summit in New Orleans. It was a three-day event jam-packed with educational seminars, workshops, networking, and celebrating. Join us as we share a glimpse of Danielle & Andrea’s Engage Summit trip to New Orleans.

Why Attend An Engage Summit

This year was our first time attending an Engage Summit, and it did not disappoint! Once we heard the announcement that the renowned Engage Summit was coming to Louisiana, we had to jump on this opportunity to attend. Beyond the educational seminars and workshops, Engage is an incredible opportunity to network with some of the best in the wedding and events industry. Attending Engage in New Orleans allowed us to get a better understanding of what is out there in the luxury wedding industry so that we can provide a world-class and one-of-a-kind experience for our clients.

Our Favorite Moments

From listening to some of the best in the industry to learning the latest marketing and media trends, we walked away with a new perspective on what is possible. The speakers at the seminars brought a fresh view on events and have truly inspired us to push the limits with our designs.

One of our favorite parts was attending the legendary Engage Summit events as a guest. It was a blast to dress up and celebrate the industry with old and new friends. An all-time high was cruising the historic downtown New Orleans district in a traditional second line. 

From the awe-inspiring event designs to connecting with the best in the luxury wedding and event industry, we left Engage!22 New Orleans feeling invigorated and inspired. We are so excited to incorporate our newfound knowledge with our clients and continue to provide a personalized customer experience to our couples. Reach out to learn more about our full-service wedding planning and if it is right for you!

Day 1

Pink bar at Engage Summit New Orleans weolcome party

Day 2

Engage Summit party
Second line performers

Day 3

Engage Summit Gala Entrance
Engage Summit Gala Entrance
Engage Summit Gala
Engage Summit Gala Place Setting Decor

Photos Courtesy of Engage Summits
Photography: Charla Storey
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Photography: Ashley Ludaescher
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