Real Wedding | Studio 54 Themed Wedding At The Wyld Dock Bar

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Nestled along the banks of the Savannah River, The Wyld Dock Bar played host to an extraordinary celebration that was nothing short of magical. Picture this: an enchanting garden-inspired Studio 54 party filled with authentic moments, lively interactions, and a luminous atmosphere that welcomed guests into a world of love and laughter. This wasn't just any wedding. It was a fusion of love and creativity unlike any other.

Studio 54 Themed Wedding

Pre Ceremony Cocktail Party & Waterfront Wedding Ceremony 

Before the waterfront wedding ceremony began, A+H hosted their guests for a pre-ceremony cocktail reception. Amid the cocktail reception, rain threatened to dampen the day while adding a touch of drama from Mother Nature, thus prompting an impromptu extension of the pre-ceremony cocktail reception. Laughter and joy echoed through the venue as guests embraced the unexpected delay, turning it into an opportunity to connect and share in anticipation of the beautiful vows to come.

Shortly after the cocktail hour extension, the rain had lifted, and the Design Studio South team dried the ceremony site in preparation for a beautiful ceremony. As the ceremony unfolded, the nervous groom stole the show with his heartfelt vows, bringing tears to the eyes of everyone present. 

To kick off the party, the bride and groom celebrated their nuptials with a champagne sabering and champagne tower at the ceremony site. A second line then paraded the guests through the reception space, which was filled with the crowd's infectious energy. 


Reception at The Wyld Dock Bar

The air was electric with love and excitement as guests headed into the reception at The Wyld Dock Bar. As they made their way into the open-air space, they were greeted by an array of dazzling disco balls that set the tone for the Studio 54-inspired celebration.

The couple had thoughtfully incorporated interactive elements throughout the event, from a unique audio guest book where heartfelt messages were recorded to chain stitchers creating custom-designed bandanas that served as both programs and keepsakes. 

Iridescent table numbers and signage adorned the space, creating a kaleidoscope of bright colors and florals that added a playful touch to the decor. The traditional wedding cake was replaced by a whimsical croquembouche, and the groom's cake, a masterpiece designed after his favorite game, Catan, delighted guests with its creativity. To elevate their guest's experience, the couple opted for a live band straight from Atlanta, ensuring that the music matched the vibrancy of the day.


When Love Meets Creativity

As the night unfolded at The Wyld Dock Bar, it became clear that this Studio 54-themed wedding was more than just an event – it was an immersive experience, a celebration of love that transcended tradition. The fusion of authentic moments, lively interactions, and a luminous atmosphere created a wedding day that will be forever etched in the hearts of all who attended. The Wyld Dock Bar, with its scenic beauty and unique charm, provided the perfect backdrop for a night of love, laughter, and unbridled joy. The couple and their guests reveled in the magic of the day, proving that when love meets creativity, the result is nothing short of spectacular.

If you are looking for help planning a one-of-a-kind celebration for your wedding, we'd love to help you! We believe that your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner's personal style and be an unforgettable experience for all! Be sure to reach out for more information on our full-service wedding planning and design services. 

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