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Sailcloth Tented Wedding

It’s no surprise that tented wedding receptions have increased in popularity over the past few years. With the demand for outdoor wedding receptions at an all-time high due to the pandemic, we wanted to break down some important elements to consider when planning a sensational tented wedding in Savannah.

Deciding your tent style 

First thing first, it is important to decide the style of tent that you will be using for your tented wedding reception. When considering the style of tent you want it is important to consider other aspects of your event that are affected by your tent structure. Such as lighting, decor and the layout of your wedding reception. With this being said we want to outline our three most popular tent choices for our clients and their tented wedding receptions. 

1. Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents are the most popular option for a tented wedding in Savannah because of their versatility and popular style. Sailcloth tents generally use a lighter fabric that can let in natural light during the day and glow at night during a reception later on.

Sailcloth tented wedding in Savannah
Photography // Sarah Ingram

2. Frame Tents

Frame tents are a great option when using a tent as a back up plan for inclement weather. These tents can be set up with a white or clear top depending on your preference and have the ability to add or remove walls as need be. Frame tents don’t require any poles in the center which frees up square footage and allows for open layouts.

Frame tented wedding in Savannah

3. Structure tents 

Structure tents are the most robust tents and are similar in construction to a frame tent but are even sturdier, hence the name. This tent style is oftent used for events with more complex logistics and oftent take the longest to set up and take down. The designa nd construction of these tents allows them to handle heavier event accessories such as decor, lights, or AV equipment.

Structure tented wedding reception
Photography // Kelli Boyd Photography

Determining your tent layout 

After confirming the style of your tent, the layout of the interior is the most crucial decision you will make in planning your tented wedding reception. The following three factors will help you decide where you place your tables, dance floor, bars, stage, and other details with a large footprint. 

1. Number of guests 

The more guests you have, the more dining tables you will require. So be sure to consider this when determining the size of the tent and the layout inside.

2. Dinner Type 

Consider how much space is required for meal service. For example, a buffet or meal with stations may require a larger footprint than a plated dinner.

3. Entertainment 

Depending on the type of entertainment you have will affect the space required. For example, a dance band will require more room than a DJ or acoustic duo.


Adding layers to your design

Once the layout is confirmed, you can start confirming your rentals, which will help your designer execute your wedding vision. Don’t be afraid to mix table shapes and size to add some dimension to the tent. Flowers, lighting, linens, and flooring are all layers that can be utilized to elevate your tented wedding reception design.

Flooring in a tent is not always needed but could significantly impact the overall look of the event. When adding multiple layers to your tented wedding reception design be sure to think about different heights. Look at what draws your guest’s attention up, and what attracts their eyes across the room. This is one reason why we love to create various different tablescapes in a room to create dimension and provide layers to the space.

If you are wanting to plan a destination wedding in Savannah and are looking for help with your tented wedding reception the Design Studio South team would love to work with you! Head on over to our event portfolio to look at unique tented wedding reception ideas for your big day! Or reach out to book your consultation call today! 


Inside A frame tented wedding reception


Planning & Design// Design Studio South
Photography// Sarah Ingram
Photography// Kelli Boyd Photography
Photography// Brandon Lata