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newly engaged southern couple

So, your partner popped the question, you said YES, and now you’ve found yourself wondering what to do next. If you are a newly engaged couple and are reading today’s blog, you are in the right place. However, if you are hoping to be engaged soon, stick around. We know you will find the wedding planning advice below as helpful as if you were engaged.


The First Things Every Newly Engaged Couple Should Do

Once you are done celebrating your engagement with family and friends, there are several things you should do to begin planning your wedding. From choosing a date and location to finding the perfect vendor team to help bring your dream wedding vision to life, your wedding planner is there to help you. 


Find your planner

First, you want to find the best planning team that suits your personality and needs. We recommend reaching out to a few planners and meeting with them to see who you click with. Next, you will want to find a planning team that can translate your design vision as well as execute the logistics of the wedding. Your planner will then help you create a detailed budget based on your wedding investment, which will result in finding the perfect venue and vendors.


Wedding Investment 

Before you start booking your vendor team, we recommend you sit down and discuss with your partner and family what your total wedding investment will be. We recommend looking at all costs except attire, rings, and accommodations. This total will then help you clearly understand how many guests to invite while allowing your dream wedding vision to come alive. 

Guest counts are a huge driver of costs and what your design can be. When we talk with our clients, we talk in per-person terms. For example, a $50,000 wedding investment for 50 people ($1,000 per person) is very different than a $50,000 wedding investment for 200 guests ($250 per person). These days, we are finding that many published articles on wedding budgets are not for destination weddings or big city weddings such as New York or Atlanta. So, if you have any questions, please ask your planner. 


Guest Count 

Your final guest count will be dependent on the number of guests that RSVP. We recommend researching your venue’s city and the RSVP rate. For example, even though 80% of brides and grooms getting married in Savannah are destination to the area, our RSVP rate is 75-80% yes of the total count. Your RSVP rate will depend on the destination and a number of other factors, such as the proximity to the guest’s home, amenities in the area, time of year, and travel expenses. It is important to keep in mind that the RSVP rate will vary from one destination to another.



Before you pull together your vendor team, it is time to prioritize which design elements are most important. Is it the seven-piece dance band, floral installation, custom stationery, or four-course meal? Prioritizing your needs and must-have items will allow you to designate the appropriate wedding investment into each vendor. If music is not your top priority, then no need to spend money on a band. Instead, save some money and hire a great DJ! If flowers are essential, be intentional on placement to make the most impact. 



When chatting with your venue, we recommend asking what is included in their rental cost. For example, does your venue include chairs + tables or offer them for an additional fee? If your venue offers food service, ask them for a sample invoice for your intended guest count. Most of the time, they quote minimums, not actual numbers. For example, if their minimum is $12,000, but you have anticipated 125 guests, and their average dinner is $125, you will be well over that minimum. Whenever possible, try to always look at the big picture.


Take a step back 

As a newly engaged couple, it is important to enjoy this time and not overdo it. Let your planner do the heavy lifting and lead the way during the planning process. Take moments to enjoy your day and each other on the wedding day. With our Design Studio South couples, we like to do little quiet moments for you two before or after the ceremony. Maybe even plan a first look or a reception room reveal!


The wedding planning experience is different for every couple. However, as a newly engaged couple, we want to help you start in the right direction! Our team of experienced wedding planners and wedding designers is here to help you every step of the way! So, be sure to reach out to book your consultation call to get the process started, and in the meantime, check out our other blog post loaded with wedding planning advice!

Newly engaged southern couple
bride and bridesmaids in pink bridesmaid dresses
bride and bridesmaids in pink bridesmaid dresses
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