Wedding Planning | Five Ways To Elevate Your Wedding Design With Wedding Stationery

When designing your wedding day, it is easy to get taken away and overwhelmed by all of the details. That’s why we always recommend working with a team of professional wedding vendors to assist you with your wedding details. Besides having a top-notch designer and planner on your team, a professional wedding stationer can do wonders to help you elevate your wedding design. They are truly magicians when it comes to paper and beautiful designs and are there to help you create the perfect wedding invitations that will help showcase you as a couple.

As your invitations are often the first thing your guests will see related to your wedding, it’s no doubt that this important detail sets the tone for the rest of your wedding design. So, let make sure guests know what to expect when it comes to how amazing your wedding will be! That’s why we are breaking down the best ways to elevate your wedding design with these five elegant and easy upgrades you can make to your wedding stationery.


How To Elevate Your Wedding Design With Your Wedding Stationery


1. Use mixed paper colors 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Don’t be afraid of color! Work with your stationery designer to incorporate your wedding colors into your wedding invitation suite. By doing so, not only will you get an invitation suite that truly reflects you as a couple, but it will also give your guests a preview as to what they can expect with your wedding design. 

2. Add personal details or something unique 

One of the many benefits of working with a professional stationery artist is just that, they are artists. If they are painting you a custom watercolor of the venue, ask them to add personal details. Such as a laurel wreath to mimic a horse for horse lovers or possibly a sentimental flower to your family. These small details will undoubtedly elevate your wedding design while showcasing your unique style as a couple.

3. Bundle your invitation suite together with these enhancements

A simple yet elegant detail that we love to see with our couple’s wedding invitations is upgrading how your wedding invitation suite is bundled together. You can literally tie your invitation suite together with an elegant ribbon, or our favorite option is adding printed vellum to the package. A small customized band of vellum will tie your suite together nicely. Or you can truly elevate your wedding stationery details by adding a vellum wrap or vellum jacket sealed with a custom wax seal. Trust us, these are the details that get your guests excited and talking about your wedding day before it even arrives!

4. Upgrade or customize your postage 

One detail that can often be missed when elevating your wedding invitations is the postage. Sure, you can just buy whatever stamps are available at the post office the day you mail your wedding invitations out, or you can choose to upgrade them. Two ways to upgrade the postage on your wedding invitations include adding a vintage stamp that coordinates with your wedding color palette or the color scheme of your invitations. The second is adding a stamp that speaks to you as a couple, maybe something inspired by your personal lives or custom-made.

5. Add little embellishments

When it comes to ways you can elevate your wedding design, the details truly matter. Consider adding a little embellishment to your wedding invitation suite as a finishing touch. We love a beautifully printed liner or custom wax seal! Be sure to speak to your wedding stationer about which embellishments best suit your design, as you do not necessarily want to add all the bells and whistles. As too many details can take away from the overall beauty of your design.

When it comes to ways to enhance your wedding design, we could go on forever. However, we genuinely believe that having a quality-designed wedding invitation suite is the perfect start to an elegant and elevated wedding day. We look forward to working with you to create a stunning wedding design and sourcing the best vendors for your team! Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can work together for your wedding!

To protect the privacy of our couples and their guests, some names were omitted from the images below.


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