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It’s no doubt that planning a wedding in hurricane season can seem a bit daunting, especially if you live in the southern United States. The great thing about hurricane season here in Georgia is that it is not all year long. On average, hurricane season in Georgia ranges from early June to the end of November. We typically receive a hurricane warning approximately 36 hours in advance, allowing vendors plenty of time to make alternate arrangements that are safe for all. 

We hope that these wedding planning tips for planning a wedding in hurricane season help you find some peace of mind as an engaged couple.


Seven Tips For Planning A Wedding In Hurricane Season


1. Vendor Contracts 

First thing first, always read your vendor contracts in detail and review any clauses. You will want to be familiar with your vendor’s policies about force majeure, natural disasters, rescheduling dates, payments, and refunds. By clearly understanding what you are committing to with your vendors, you will feel empowered should a hurricane warning come into effect.


2. Wedding Insurance

There are two types of wedding insurance which you will want to look into. The first is liability insurance; some venues require you to have this upon signing a contract. Liability insurance covers you should any damages to the venue or injuries to your guests occur.

The second is cancellation insurance. When it comes to cancellation insurance, you do not need to necessarily cover 100% of your wedding investment if you know you will postpone vs. cancel. We typically suggest insuring at least 50% of your wedding investment. The most common areas where you may lose money with a postponement are florals, food, and linens. This is because any vendors who involve nonperishable items such as food and florals have already ordered your items and prepared them for your private event.

You can find these types of insurance through many online sources; our favorites are Wedsafe and Wedsure


3. Travel Insurance

If you are coming to Georgia for a destination wedding in hurricane season, you will want to ensure you have travel insurance. Travel insurance will help cover your accommodations and transportation should a hurricane warning cause any cancellations or delays in your travel plans.


4. Timing 

When planning a wedding in hurricane season, timing is crucial. Any weather-related calls are typically not made until a few days before the wedding, as a tropical storm can be unpredictable. As your wedding planner, our goal is to ensure your wedding takes place in a safe setting for you and your guests. That’s why we will watch the hurricane and make any necessary calls or changes approximately 72 hours in advance. This time frame allows vendors to make necessary plans for their families and staff and for you and your guests to adjust accommodation and transportation plans.


5. Shut Off The Weather App

After deciding to plan your wedding in hurricane season, there is no sense in driving yourself crazy by checking the weather forecast every hour. That is why we recommend shutting off your weather app leading to the big day.

When working with our clients, we recommend coming up with a hurricane plan and a decision date for making any final calls. Then, 24-48 hours before that decision date, we will check in with our couples. 


6. Keep Guests Informed 

The last thing you want to do leading up to your wedding day is field any communications from your guests about the weather. That is why we recommend designating a person with that responsibility. This person will be in charge of alerting your guests should any changes occur. Another great way to communicate with your guests is via your wedding website. Directing guests to your website for updates should help reduce the number of questions you receive. 

7. Be Patient

Above all else, safety is key. Not just for you and your guest, but for vendors and their staff as well. Know that your vendors want your wedding day to happen as much as you do, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.

Should a postponement occur, it is not only important to be patient with yourself and Mother Nature but your vendor team as well. Vendors are sometimes dealing with multiple couples and have to juggle a few different balls while accommodating couples and their new dates. 


As wedding planners in Georgia, we understand that couples face a basket of emotions when planning a wedding in hurricane season. Remember, the most important thing is the safety of you, your guests, and your vendors. Postponing your wedding due to a hurricane may seem like an unfortunate event at the time. However, in the long run, it may be an even better day than imagined as everyone gathers safely to celebrate you and your fiance. 

We want to help you plan your dream wedding and make wedding planning in hurricane season seem less daunting. Reach out to our team to book a consultation call to discuss your options!

Savannah wedding ceremony at Forsyth park
Savannah wedding at Forsyth park
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Industrial wedding reception


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