Wedding Planning | Why We Love Room Reveals

Your wedding reception room reveal. It’s a moment filled with so much anticipation and excitement from your planning team that we often want to squeal as much as you do when you see it. That’s why we like to take some time with our couples to see their wedding vision, hard work, and planning come together. 

After months and sometimes years of planning your wedding with your vendor team, we get to know each other on a personal level. We learn which intimate details are important to you and do our best to bring your dream wedding vision to life. Once those aspects are executed, we want you to have time to enjoy all details.


What is a wedding room reveal?

A wedding room reveal is quite simple. It is an opportunity for you and your significant other to see your wedding reception space before your guests arrive. We can work with your photographer to ensure they have some time in the space before your arrival to capture any detailed shots of the room. Then you will arrive to view the room, and your photographer will be there to capture every moment along the way.


Some of our favorite moments to capture during a room reveal:

  • Any unique details that are important to you
  • Your reaction to the room
  • A private first dance together

Why schedule a wedding room reveal into your timeline?

It is no secret that your wedding day will go by fast. For this reason, we love to make time for the important moments in your day by scheduling them into your wedding day timeline. That is why we like to take some time with our couples during a room reveal to see their wedding vision and all the hard work and planning come together. 

With all of the little details and decisions that are part of your wedding design, it is easy for some to go unnoticed if you are not provided time to see them in advance. A wedding reception room reveal gives you the opportunity of a private sneak peek before your guests enter the room.

The room reveal is not only a favorite moment for your planning team, but we also think it’s a special moment for you as a couple. By seeing the reception space in advance, you will be able to truly focus on your guests and enjoy your time once your reception begins. You can then soak in every moment of your evening without worrying about taking time away from anything else.


How long is needed for room reveal?

A room reveal does not need to take very long and can help relieve some anxiety and anticipation. We always recommend putting aside approximately 15 minutes before your guests arrive (or during your cocktail hour) to take a little sneak peek of your reception space. Should you wish for more time, be sure to speak to your planning team, as this may shorten your vendor team’s setup time and impact your labor costs.

The wedding reception room reveal is such a joy and one of our favorite moments to be a part of. Be sure to speak to your planning team to coordinate your wedding room reveal in your wedding day timeline. Also, check out below some of our favorite room reveal moments from real Design Studio South couples!


Planning & Design// Design Studio South
Photography// Sarah Ingram
Photography// Amy Arrington
Photography// Vitor Lindo