Your Guide To Holiday Wine Pairings

Friends toasting champagne glasses

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread holiday cheer than with these delightful holiday wine pairings that will elevate your festive feasts? Whether you're hosting a Christmas dinner or celebrating Hanukkah, the perfect holiday wine pairings can make your gatherings even more memorable. That’s why we partnered with the Daniel Reed Hospitality Group to bring you these tantalizing wine-pairing ideas.

Holiday Wine Pairings


As the snow falls and the fireplace crackles, start your holiday soirée with a crisp and refreshing Riesling. This versatile white wine complements the saltiness of fresh cheeses, creating a palate-pleasing combination. Picture this: a creamy spread of cream cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, feta, or mascarpone, perfectly accented by the bright notes of a well-chilled Riesling. Add a plate of mild meats like Prosciutto, summer sausage, salami, or Mortadella, and you have a match made in holiday heaven.

Sparkling Wine

For those who prefer the effervescence of bubbly, sparkling wine is a must-have on your holiday wine pairing list. The tiny bubbles dance on your tongue, creating a festive atmosphere that perfectly aligns with the holiday spirit. Pair your sparkling wine with various cheeses, from soft Brie to tangy goat cheese, and watch your guests indulge in the effervescent magic of the season. Perfect for toasting new engagements or counting down to the new year, there is always something to celebrate over the holidays.


As the festivities continue, don't forget about the alluring charm of a rose wine. Its light and fruity profile make it an excellent companion for both savory and sweet holiday delights. Picture a glass of rosé alongside a platter of smoked salmon, roasted turkey, or even a slice of glazed ham – a trio that will leave your taste buds singing carols of joy. Pair your glass of rosé with some bubbly and fresh cranberries for the perfect festive holiday punch!

We believe these holiday wine pairings are the secret ingredient to turning your gatherings into magical moments. Whether you're toasting with Riesling, sparkling wine, or rosé, these delightful pairings will ensure that your holiday celebrations are filled with warmth, laughter, and the clinking of glasses. So, this holiday season, let the wine flow and the good times roll! Cheers to holiday wine pairings that bring people together and create lasting memories.

Friends toasting champagne glasses

Photography: The Happy Bloom