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Guest Attendance

Photo by Mackensey Alexander Photography

Today’s question and answer is for all of you lovely couples out there in the throws of compiling your guest list and trying to calculate your ideal target final guest count number.  We want to address one of our most commonly asked questions: What percentage of invited wedding guests attend the wedding?  With the location of Design Studio South being in Savannah, Georgia we usually find that the number is around 80-85% of their guests RSVP yes.  If you were to Google the average attendance rate of destination weddings you may find that the number we provided seems a bit high.  We have found that our weddings net a higher attendance rate and we think there are a couple of reasons for this.

one :: Savannah is a beautiful location for a destination wedding, and unlike a small, tropical island, not difficult to get to.  Our city is easily accessible by plane {a variety of international airports within 2 hours of Savannah}, train, and automobile.  The costs of travel do not tend to add up as quickly as other locations and therefore the wedding is not considered as much of a monetary burden to some guests.

two :: We find that our lovely city has made it’s way onto most people’s bucket lists of places to go.  So a wedding gives your guests the perfect occasion to check it off said list.  With so many other great cities in the surrounding area, we have found that some guests extend their trip on either end and explore cities like Tybee Island, Hilton Head, or Charleston, South Carolina.

three :: Considering reasons one and two above we have also noticed that wedding guests tend to make your wedding weekend into a vacation week for themselves.  Your wedding time acts as the perfect time for them to take the family trip of the year or use some accumulated time off they have coming to them from work.  This may be the exact type of trip they have been saving up for all year.

We hope this piece of advice helps you out with your initial planning and budget analysis. As always, check back on Monday to see our latest mood board, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


xx, Devany and the ladies of your favorite Savannah wedding planner :: Design Studio South.