Social Saturday :: Sticky RSVP Situations ( Savannah Wedding Planner )

Happy Saturday morning!
Before you head off to a leisurely brunch, let’s talk about what these days has become an all-too-often-sticky sitch: wedding guests who, for some reason or another, do not RSVP. Mere decades ago, a failure to RSVP to a major social event like a wedding was rare. Today’s bride, on the other hand, ends up having to track guests down individually if she wants an honest-to-goodness idea of who will actually attend her wedding {which one must know to determine how many chairs, plates, et cetera one requires to suitably entertain}. So what’s a modern girl to do when faced with such a dilemma?
{via Martha Stewart Weddings' Etiquette Adviser}
{via Martha Stewart Weddings’ Etiquette Adviser}
Let’s consider what Martha has to say on the subject:

“Make a phone call immediately after the deadline to anyone who hasn’t responded, especially because a lack of responses might indicate either the invitation or the reply has gone astray. If that’s a lot of phone calls, delegate this task to loved ones. If you end up playing phone tag, leave a message in your second phone call that says, “If we don’t hear from you by Thursday, we’ll put you down as a no. Sorry to miss you.”

In other words: people are humans and tend to behave as such. Invitations and responses do legitimately get lost in the mail on occasion, so let’s not assume that any potential guest has declined to acknowledge your invitation on purpose. You, poor overwhelmed bride-to-be, are destined to grin, bear it, and get in touch with your mysteriously silent guests on an individual basis. Luckily, you should have some help in the form of family members. If one of the unknown minority is a member of your groom’s extended family, leave it to him {or, if you can reach out to his mother/father/grandmother/whomever, go for it} to get in touch.
While we laid out a few fantastic online options for RSVP tracking and management in Tuesday’s post, if you are going for a free website option like WeddingWire or The Knot, or if you are simply opting out of a wedding website for whatever reason, a fantastic way to keep up with your RSVPs is a Google Docs spreadsheet {so that you and whomever you choose may edit it and access it from any platform at any time}. If file sharing and online storage are not important to you, I would suggest a simple Excel document.
For my wedding, I created a Google Doc that had the name{s} of the recipient{s) in one column and the address in a second column. Guests were organized into one tab for my side and another tab for my husband’s side, which helped us easily sort out who was best able to track whom down for RSVP purposes. Once I heard from each guest, I changed the color of their name to either red {cannot attend} or blue {will attend}. If their name remained black, I had not heard from them and knew to get in touch. As a bonus, I saved the spreadsheet and used it this year for sending out our first married Christmas cards – yay!
As always, if you all have any questions, helpful suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
xx, Jennifer