Moodboard Monday :: Air-Inspired Palette { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s inspiration image isn’t a moodboard per se, but it is an equally inspirational editorial shoot with a beautiful neutral palette. Its theme of “air” truly shines through in the ethereal quality of the gorgeous images captured by Photographs by Caileigh and styled as part of the Erich McVey Workshops. I highly encourage y’all … Read more

Social Saturday :: Trimming the Budget { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good afternoon, y’all! One of the most frequent questions our clients continue to ask us is how to trim their wedding budget. Our number one recommendation to our clients is to talk it out with their partner and really find out what is most important to them – music, food, flowers, photography ? – and prioritize … Read more

Friday Faves :: Swoon-Worthy Arrangements Perfect For VDay { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, everyone! First, we want to thank all of our amazing fellow vendors in the Savannah Wedding Industry who came out to our collaboration with Soho South Café last night. We had so much fun putting it all together and could not have been more happy with the turnout! From the bottom of our … Read more

Thursday Threads :: Our Fave Anthro Picks Under $100 { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, lovely readers! It’s no secret that we are big fans of Anthropologie around here {aren’t we all, though?} but sadly our love has limits when it comes to the hefty price tag often affixed to their whimsical wares. To help us all out, our resident tastemaker Tristan has compiled her top favorite Anthro … Read more

Social Saturday :: Choosing Your Bridal Party { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, lovelies! I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start – ours sure is being that it’s a sunny mid-60’s, low 70’s at the moment 😉 Today we would like to draw your attention to a subject that is easy for some and pretty difficult for others: choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen, or even making … Read more

Friday Faves :: Bridal Hair { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, ladies and gents! So you’ve chosen your dream dress, but have you thought about your hair? Our only advice as residents of the lovely South is to plan on wearing your hair up if you are getting married in the area between the months of March and November to avoid the inevitable havoc … Read more

Thursday Threads :: Bow Ties Galore { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, y’all! Every proper Southern gentleman has one, and every good Southern gal knows how to tie one: a bow tie! We here in the Hostess City cannot get enough of our dapper  grooms + groomsmen in bowties. Even if you aren’t from the South, if you’re getting married here, it’s practically a must. … Read more

Who’s Who Wednesday :: Byrd Cookie Company { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, y’all! For today’s Who’s Who Wednesday, we would like to highlight Byrd Cookie Company. Not only are their cookies insanely delicious {and perfectly bite-sized!} but they also come in the cutest packaging that really evokes the true Savannah spirit of vintage hospitality mixed with a gorgeous lowcountry landscape. We adore their cookies packaged in … Read more

Friday Faves :: Pretty Ring Displays { Savannah Wedding Planner }

So your love put a {gorgeous, sparkly} ring on it? Congrats! The least you could do is put it on display in a pretty vessel when you have to {regrettably, albeit inevitably} take it off while handling raw meats/showering/lifting weights/et cetera.  Following are just a few of our favorites: { 1 } { 2 } { 3 … Read more

Thursday Threads :: Bridal Shoes Edition { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, y’all! After spending all that time and effort on picking out the perfect dress, don’t forget about the shoes! We love all things sparkly and gold, and a fancy pair of bridal heels is the perfect way to incorporate that. Following are a few of our favorites. Enjoy! {1., 2., 3., … Read more