Social Saturday :: What To Wear : Bridal Party Edition { Savannah Wedding Planner }

 Sweet readers, Today’s question comes from one of our Fall 2015 brides: “What do you ladies suggest for bridesmaid dresses when your bridesmaids all have different body types? I don’t love the look of the convertible wrap dresses (and don’t necessarily trust their picks will stay in line with my personal vision for the day) but still … Read more

Social Saturday :: Trimming the Budget { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good afternoon, y’all! One of the most frequent questions our clients continue to ask us is how to trim their wedding budget. Our number one recommendation to our clients is to talk it out with their partner and really find out what is most important to them – music, food, flowers, photography ? – and prioritize … Read more

Social Saturday :: Choosing Your Bridal Party { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good morning, lovelies! I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start – ours sure is being that it’s a sunny mid-60’s, low 70’s at the moment 😉 Today we would like to draw your attention to a subject that is easy for some and pretty difficult for others: choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen, or even making … Read more

Technical Tuesday :: Technology at your Wedding { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good afternoon, world! Today we’re talking about something that you either love or hate: technology {mainly cell phones taking photos or videos} during your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Is it a do, or is it a don’t? Like most things in life, it truly depends on the individual. {image  by Marvelous Things Photography via Heart Love … Read more

Social Saturday :: Pre-Wedding Party Invites { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good afternoon, y’all! I hope everyone’s Saturday is off to a fantastic start. It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Savannah and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Today’s question is fairly simple but nonetheless common amongst our brides: who should be  invited to your bridal shower, bridal brunch, bachelorette party and other wedding-related activities? … Read more

Technical Tuesday :: Easy Party Nibbles + Sips Calculator { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good afternoon, y’all! Whether you’re hosting a party for the “Big Game” {I think we all know what that means: the puppy bowl, obviously} this weekend or a friend’s bridal/baby shower or a major holiday in your newlywed home  determining how much food and drink you need can be tricky. Leftovers are amazing, but you … Read more

Social Saturday :: So You’re Having a Head Table { Savannah Wedding Planner }

Good afternoon, y’all! I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a scintillating start – ours is packed to the hilt with client meetings, but that’s just how we like it since all of our brides have fabulous taste. Being surrounded by pretty things and gorgeous inspiration really isn’t so bad at all 😉 Now on to … Read more

Social Saturday :: Ghost RSVPs ( Savannah Wedding Planner )

Good morning, y’all! {via Ruffled} Today’s question {paraphrased below} comes to us from the lovely Lynn of Lillian’s China: “What happens when a guest RSVPs but doesn’t include his/her name on the RSVP?” Fantastic question, Lynn! We recommend trying the following solutions: 1. Try putting small numbers on the corner of each RSVP card that correspond … Read more

Technical Tuesday :: You’re Engaged!…Now Who To Tell First ( Savannah Wedding Planner )

Congrats – you’re engaged! But who do you tell first? What’s the most appropriate way to break the big news? Let’s consider what the pros over at TheKnot have to say on the subject: On who should find out first: “If either of you has children from a previous marriage, they should be the first … Read more