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Today we’re talking about something that you either love or hate: technology {mainly cell phones taking photos or videos} during your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Is it a do, or is it a don’t? Like most things in life, it truly depends on the individual.

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{image  by Marvelous Things Photography via Heart Love Weddings}
If you are a fiend for tech or if you didn’t hire a pro photographer for some reason, crowd-sourcing photos and videos of your nuptials is easier than ever with a custom hashtag {be sure to check before establishing one that yours isn’t already in use by another couple!} for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts. For a super casual ceremony, you can print it directly on programs or write it on a cute chalkboard/mirror/old window {you know the type, Pinterest-lovers!} for display.
If, on the other hand, yours is a formal ceremony or in a place of worship {where most photography is either expressly forbidden or severely restricted}, or if you truly just want the focus to be on full “in-the-moment” participation from your guests, there are perfectly tactful ways to restrict  guests’ technology use at your wedding. Start with forewarning guests of your wishes on your wedding website with a nice note under the “ceremony” tab, and reinforce the message with a special note on the back of programs or at the entrance to the ceremony. You could even go so far as to have an attractive tuxedoed attendant whisk away phones and cameras at a “tech check” {akin to a coat check} for return upon conclusion of the ceremony – it’s up to you.
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