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As Summer heats up so does the wedding calendar in many places, but what some might not realize is that in the southeastern part of the country we’re starting to slow down since it’s just too darn hot to do anything.  But our slower event calendar does allow us to plan ahead with many of our Fall and Spring brides.  While putting together design plans and attending meetings, we realized that we use several terms that are wedding + event design specific, sometimes leaving our clients quite puzzled.  So this Technical Tuesday we’re sharing with you the different types of lighting that one might see us use in our design plans and hear us reference.


T W I N K L E  L I G H T S

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Light Strand

Twinkle lights are what might be more commonly called Christmas lights.  They have a smaller bulb and provide a twinkling effect.  They can be used in the top of tents or strewn in bushes or wrapped around trees for a magical look.  They tend to be the least expensive of the lighting options.

C A F E  L I G H T S

Cafe Light Single Strand

Cafe Light Strand


Picture these lights hanging outside of a sweet little Parisian cafe.  They have a bigger bulb than twinkle lights and the bulb is more round in shape.  They come in clear as well as various frosted glazes.  This option looks simply spectacular spanning the tops of tents or open outdoor areas where you need to provide some ambient lighting.  While cafe lights are slightly more expensive than twinkle lights, they tend to provide the same amount of light as lots of twinkle lights, so the cost tends to even out.

E D I S O N  O R  O L D  F A S H I O N E D  L I G H T S

Edison Light Bulb

Edison Light Bulb Strand

Lastly, we’re sharing with you Edison or Old Fashioned Lights.  These lights get their name from their unique bulbs, where you can see the filament detail inside (much like the ones originally created by Thomas Edison).  This lighting is so unique and can be a beautiful accent or detail to an event.  We suggest using them in areas where they can be easily seen by guests for their special beauty.  This tends to be the most expensive option in lighting, but it certainly creates the most perfect glow for special areas of your event that you want to call attention to.

Edison or Old Fashioned Light bulbs also come in a variety of different, interesting shapes.  Here are just a few to provide you an idea of the options.

Edison Bulb Types-1

Check back to our blog for future Technical Tuesday posts and for more information on wedding + event terminology.

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